Introduction to the butterflies Sri Lanka and it's Wildlife

Butterflies are extraordinary creatures complex and enthralling. The more one learns about them, the more intriguing these air-borne jewels become. They employ many diverse methods such as mimicry, camouflage, seasonal colour changes, and sexual dimorphism to attract mates and avoid predation. Some undertake migrations and indeed the Monarch butterfly found in North America may fly as many as 3,000 miles which for its size is one of the largest migrations of any creature.

Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera which also includes moths and skippers. Lepidoptera is one of the most successful orders in the world and includes more than 180,000 species which can be found virtually everywhere. More...


The Island of Sri Lanka lies 3 degrees north of the equator, 82 degrees east of Greenwich and 32 KM southeast of India. She occupies 65,610 sq Km (approximately 25,000 sq miles). Sri Lanka is shaped like a giant teardrop falling from the southern tip of the vast Indian subcontinent. It is separated from India by the 50km wide Palk Strait, although there is a series of stepping-stone coral islets known as Adam's Bridge which almost form a land bridge between the two countries. The island is just 350km long and only 180km wide at its widest. More...

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Wildreach, is a massive project created targeting on flora and fauna of Sri Lanka with its complete classification, information and photographs and it is in the process of covering all the species found in Sri Lanka. The project also includes number of conservation based activities.

Our Objectives

  • Collect data about flora and fauna
  • Publish the data in an appropriate manner
  • Educate people through interpret as above and other media
  • Take actions for environmental issues in our capacity
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